Step & Tone

Step and Tone is a cardio based fitness class to music. There will be an instructor at the front of the group to lead the steps and all you have to do, is try and keep up! The class will be broken down in a couple of sections, a warm up to start with, a main cardio section to music and then some toning exercises at the end. The class last for 1 hour and is good for all levels of fitness

Gym based Group PT

Gym based Group PT, is a 45 minute session in the Gym with an instructor to help push you on. Each session will have different exercises for you to do and is set up for all levels of fitness and experience.

If there is a certain body part that you would like to work on during the class, let the instructor know and they can set an exercise for it


Yoga focuses on increasing strength and flexibility. This is done through asanas (postures) and breathing techniques. Together they increase core strength, flexibility and overall well-being.