Every Membership Includes

All of our exercise classes for free
Free fitness assessments
Free personal workout program
Discounted sun shower
No joining or cancelling fees


1 Month (Rolling Direct Debit)
1 Year
Student 1 Month
12 Months Direct Debit
1 Week
1 Month (Card/Cash)
Three Months
Sun Shower
Maximum 9 Minutes each session
Per 3 Minutes
Gym Session
Gym access during staffed hours
Free tea & coffee
Free tea & coffee


The Gym is open 24 hours every day. To access the Gym when we are unmanned you must have the following:

1. Be 18years+
2. Have an up to date membership
3. Been issued a key fob and had your picture taken

To help the Gym run smoothly when unmanned please try and do the following:

1. Only use the downstairs door to enter and to exit the Gym. The upstairs door will be just for emergencies.
2. If your the last person in the Gym, turn the TVs off and close the windows
3. Keep all the doors closed (otherwise anyone can just stroll in)
4. If you have an accident or break anything, please report it to a staff member when you next see them or fill out the form on the reception desk. If you need to call for help there is a phone located behind reception under an emergency phone poster. A First aid kit is also in the same location.
5. Make sure to only let yourself in (with your fob) and not others. If you do let others into the Gym your membership will be cancelled.
6. Keep the Gym nice and tidy by putting all the equipment that you use away.
7. Bring a mobile phone with you in the case of an emergency or us the Gym phone in reception on the windowsill.

Staffed hours are as followed

Monday 06:45-20:30
Tuesday 09:00-20:30
Wednesday 06:45-20:30
Thursday 09:00-20:30
Friday 06:45-20:30
Saturday 9:00-13:00

Sunday 10:00-13:30
Bank holidays 10:00-14:00

We hope that with the new system in place you can get more from your membership. There are sure to be some teething problems, so just please report back with any problems you find.

Team TM Fitness

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